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Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
Fresh snapper fillets are breaded with buttermilk and seasoned Cajun breadcrumbs for this quick,
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
A three step cooking method is used to make these incredible, tender ribs. The ribs are first
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
Cod fillets are coated in oats and fried to a crunchy crispy finish. Try it for a change. I think
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
This family recipe is very filling. Green bell peppers stuffed with ground beef, onion, and rice,
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
Shrimp with chopped celery, onions, hard-boiled egg, shredded carrots, and mayonnaise.
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
A snappy combination of sauerkraut and apples enlivened with brown sugar flavors sauteed pork chops
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
This light dip can also be used as a sandwich spread. Serve cold with crackers or toasted on bread
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
This quick Vietnamese stir-fry of sirloin tip slices is combined with fresh green beans and served
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
This meatloaf's flavor is enhanced with beef bouillon and a brown sugar glaze with a hint of lemon
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
These crab and shrimp stuffed enchiladas taste like the ones served at a popular Mexican restaurant
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
A delicious twist on the standard burger and traditional burger toppings! Ground turkey burgers
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
Chili beans, butter beans, and pork and beans are all baked along with frankfurters, onion, a
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
This herbed crust is dusted with cornmeal for a real pizzeria touch. The large quantity allows you
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
BBQ sauce and bacon are the secrets to the wonderful flavor of the chicken in this sandwich. Add
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
A delicious salmon pie. It's a meal in itself.
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
Chuck roast, piquant seasonings, liquid smoke, and beer or cola are combined in a slow cooker. This
Mon Oct 20 21:01:58 BST 2008
This is a basic recipe that you can play with for seasonings and ingredients. My first batch was
Thu Apr 22 11:13:32 BST 2010
Burgundy winemaker Nicolas Potel has hit the spot with his new estate in the Cote d'Or.
Wed Apr 21 19:45:18 BST 2010
Gadget Inspector Harry Wallop reviews Nigella Lawson's iPhone cooking app and sees whether it
Wed Apr 21 18:18:03 BST 2010
Harry Wallop asks: is it really possible to use an iPhone app to whip up a cordon bleu feast?
Wed Apr 21 17:25:23 BST 2010
All the latest food news, compiled by Carolyn Hart.
Wed Apr 21 13:50:31 BST 2010
Pastas come in shapes as varied as their sauces. It's how you match them up that's crucial, says
Wed Apr 21 13:46:02 BST 2010
Orecchiette: Widely available in dried form, these 'little ears' of pasta are unappetising
Wed Apr 21 13:45:25 BST 2010
The diminutive of malloru ('bull' in Sardinian dialect), malloreddus means 'fat little calves'.
Wed Apr 21 13:44:55 BST 2010
'Tagliatelle' comes from tagliare, 'to cut'.
Wed Apr 21 13:43:04 BST 2010
Rigatoni are ridged tubes of pasta.
Wed Apr 21 11:11:18 BST 2010
Fillet is not often the preferred cut for a chef but for a peppered steak no other will do.
Wed Apr 21 10:55:23 BST 2010
Recipes for onglet as its called in France (thick skirt or hanger steak in England and America)
Tue Apr 20 17:32:03 BST 2010
The steaks are high when online networking brings together a group of foodies and meat
Tue Apr 20 17:29:10 BST 2010
Henry Harris recommends using Maris Piper potatoes for chips.
Tue Apr 20 17:28:35 BST 2010
A sort of tarragon-flavoured hollandaise, this is the classic steak sauce and the best.
Tue Apr 20 16:48:00 BST 2010
Young eels are on the critically endangered list, but efforts are under way to keep them in our
Tue Apr 20 16:43:12 BST 2010
Rose Prince's recipe of the week: sautéed smoked eel with mustard, mash and crisp ham.
Mon Apr 19 18:36:22 BST 2010
Lightly boil and pack up the night before a posh picnic.
Mon Apr 19 10:50:15 BST 2010
The Bell in Castle Hedingham, Essex, is a time warp to an era when generations mixed.
Sun Apr 18 22:44:06 BST 2010
British food and drink exports have increased for the fifth year in a row, helped by European
Fri Apr 16 23:44:18 BST 2010
A vintage Dom Perignon has broken the record for the most expensive bottle of wine ever sold at
Fri Apr 16 19:47:12 BST 2010
Kate Winslet's decision to launch a campaign against foie gras must be one of the least original
Fri Apr 16 18:25:39 BST 2010
London has the most starred restaurants in the smallest area. Iain Hollingshead tried all of
Fri Apr 16 16:09:20 BST 2010
Our economical gourmet visits Pied a Terre in London.
Thu Apr 15 16:41:09 BST 2010
Lodovico Antinori's new Tuscan wine estate looks set to produce some remarkable wines.
Thu Jan 28 12:11:39 GMT 2010
The best wine deals available.